A first-time feelings picture book

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We can't choose our weather, but we can choose what we make of it.

Arwel is having a fine day. Yes, his sister has gone off to school for the first time, leaving him alone, and yes, there's a cloud above his head. But he is fine, really he is...

But the cloud grows, looms, gets in his way - until Arwel has to admit: there's a Storm-Cat outside and it's waiting for him!

But after a spectacular storm comes the comforting calm in this special picture-book debut from the illustrator of Zadie Smith and Nick Laird's Weirdo.

About the author

Magenta Fox

Magenta Fox was born in south-west London in 1994. She studied English at the University of Exeter and since moving back to London in 2015, has been working as a children's book designer. These days she works freelance - illustrating, writing and designing children's books from her flat in south London.
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