The Ex Vows

The Ex Vows



'This book made me ACHE but in a good way'

'This book was an absolute delight. I couldn’t stop reading and devoured this in two days and then needed a day to process my emotions'

'This book, this story, these characters, ripped me wide open and slowly stitched me back together again.

'Jessica Joyce is a mastermind. This is a perfect second-chance romance that I will be thinking about for many years to come'

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Two exes. One wedding.
What could go wrong?

Georgia Woodward and Eli Mora broke up five years ago so they’re definitely over each other… right?

When they’re thrown together at their best friend’s wedding, sparks fly – quite literally when the venue burns down a week before the big day. Now, it’s up to Georgia and Eli to get everything back on track.

As they rush to put on the perfect wedding, old feelings start to resurface. And now there’s only one bed…

Jumping back in is terrifying, but this time will love be worth the risk?

A swoony and steamy second chance romance from the bestselling author of You, with a View.

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'Tender, emotional, and deeply romantic . . . The banter, the setting, the achingly messy but wonderfully true characters It is absolutely one of my top reads of the year, if not my lifetime. Georgia and Eli happily occupy a corner of my heart'
B.K. Borison, author of Lovelight Farms

'Depth, emotional angst balanced with perfectly sharp humor, and writing that will make your chest ache, The Ex Vows is a sweeping romance that I could not put down'
Tarah DeWitt, author of Funny Feelings

'The Ex Vows is a tangible reminder of the power of love and second chances. I laughed, I swooned, I cried — and I was grateful for every second of it. Jessica Joyce is a force to be reckoned with'
Lana Ferguson, author of The Fake Mate

About the author

Jessica Joyce

Jessica Joyce lives happily-ever-ongoing with her husband and son in the Bay Area. When she's not writing character-driven, realistic and relatable tales of millennials who are just Doing Their Best while falling in love, you can find her listening to one of her dozens of chaotically curated Spotify playlists, trying out a new skincare face mask, crying over cute animal TikToks, or watching the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice.
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