The Letters I Will Never Send

The Letters I Will Never Send

poems to read, to write and to share


'these letters thus far have remained unsent, i want you to change that for me.'

Embrace honesty and heal beautifully.

In the letters i will never send, TikTok poet Isabella Dorta urges you to leave nothing unsaid and take comfort in moving poems on love, heartbreak, mental health and self-discovery.

With beautiful line illustrations and over 100 poems written in the form of confessional letters addressed to the most influential figures in your life:

Your younger self
Your future self
Your lover
Your body
Your family

and more

Take the ultimate step. Read, rip out, burn or send the letters out into the world. Write your own and share them with the people in your life. Just don't hold back!

About the author

Isabella Dorta

Isabella Dorta is a TikTok spoken word poet and bestselling author.

Covering everything from heartbreak and body image, to mental health and self discovery, Isabella's work seeks to break the stigma associated with expressing our emotions and bring comfort and solidarity to her readers.

Find her on TikTok: @IsabellaDorta444
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