Crystals to Manifest

Crystals to Manifest


Invite love and success into your life with this essential guide to manifesting with crystals.

Hands-on healer and clairvoyant-to-the-stars, Emma-Lucy Knowles, shows us how to use crystals to help you feel more empowered in your everyday. Along with beautiful photography and a full index of the crystals she mentions, Emma-Lucy explains how to clear your body of what is blocking you, cast out your best intentions and then call in positive energy to transform your life.

Whether you're manifesting good things for your romantic life, friendships, career or physical health, you'll be told which crystals to pick and how to use them to strengthen your manifestation practice.

Harness the power of crystals and start living your best life.

About the author

Emma Lucy Knowles

Emma-Lucy Knowles is an intuitive hands on healer, clairvoyant and meditation teacher. She has worked with crystals and energy for over 15 years, helping people and souls from all over the world heal their pain, find joy and achieve success. She's also the go-to crystal expert for lifestyle magazines, and has been featured on This Morning, in Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Harpers Bazar, Women's Health and Elle. Follow @your_emmalucy on Instagram.
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