Let Healing Happen

Let Healing Happen

A Shamanic Guide to Living An Authentic and Happy Life


‘A sober, sensible voice in an often insane out-of-balance New Age World. An engrossing and thoughtful read.’ - NICK BREEZE WOOD, Shamanologist and editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine


'Although our cultures wax and wane like the moon in the sky, the land beneath our feet still pulses with the same power that it always has. Shamanism is a gateway into the mysterious world of that power.’ - Eddy Elsey

In this book, shamanic practitioner and founder of online platform Street Spirituality, Eddy Elsey, shares his life-changing journey from living as a burned-out partygoer to becoming a practising shamanic healer and finally feeling like his authentic self. He reveals the rituals and tools that have helped him live a more spiritually grounded life so you can too.

Let Healing Happen shows us that by connecting to our roots in the earth and drawing on ancient shamanic practices, it is possible to heal pain, find balance and embrace the role we play in this beautiful world.


'Whatever your beliefs, this call to understanding ourselves as a part of the natural world has much to teach about living well.' - Claudia Canavan, health editor, Women's Health

'An essential read for anyone on their spiritual journey’ – Fleur Britten, journalist, The Times, Guardian and Vogue


  • 'The author takes us on a journey into the reality of shamanism, through his encounters with it in the wild, giving us a sober, sensible voice, in an often insane out-of-balance New Age World... The author’s personal story and exploration into traditional shamanism is an engrossing and thoughtful read. Honest and real food for the soul, an engaging and refreshing alternative to the sorts of spiritual junk food often encountered in books on the subject. Insightful and accurate, this should be essential reading for anyone who thinks they might be drawn to shamanism. Exceptional clarity and honesty about the true nature of shamanism, a refreshing voice and a book everyone interested in shamanism should read'
    Nick Breeze Wood (Shamanologist and founder of Sacred Hoop Magazine)

About the author

Eddy Elsey

Eddy Elsey is a Shamanic Practitioner and founder of Street Spirituality. In addition to a 1-2-1 healing practice, he runs events and workshops at leading studios in London and has been featured in GQ, Men's Health, The Metro and The Telegraph for this work, as well as becoming the resident Shamanic Practitioner at The Mandrake Hotel in London.
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