What to Look For by the Shore

What to Look For by the Shore


Comb through beaches for fossils and dive into rock pools in this fun, informative guide to the beauties found along and around seashores.

Ever wondered which fossils you may find in the sand at the beach or why they have flags at the beach?

This book takes a closer look at sights you can see along and under the shores such as lighthouses, sandcastles, sea sports and the creatures found in rock pools.

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About the authors

Becky Brown

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Laura Martín (Illustrator)

Laura Martín was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, graduating as a graphic designer from the University of Buenos Aires in 2015, specialising in illustration and editorial design. Laura has worked for almost a decade in children's publishing companies as editorial designer and illustration assistant before becoming a freelance illustrator.

When she's not drawing, you can find her listening to 80s music, travelling and exploring new places, drinking coffee with friends, reading chronicles, or just spending time outdoors. She now lives in Berlin, Germany, where the city vibes and energy keep her inspired and constantly flowing every day.
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