Dead Ringers: Series 8-14 plus Specials

Dead Ringers: Series 8-14 plus Specials

The BBC Radio 4 Impressions Show


Seven more series of the popular BBC Radio 4 impressions show - plus a selection of unbroadcast material

Since the turn of the millennium, Dead Ringers has been giving us its skewed, hilarious take on the famous and the infamous. The show has won a British Comedy Award, a Sony Gold Award, and a Press Guild Award for Radio Programme of the Year - and won a legion of fans with its merciless parodies, mocking every programme, institution and politician you hold dear.

Satire meets silliness in these seven series, as the gravelly-voiced Doctor inquires about interstellar travel on the London Eye, Scooby Doo and the gang enter the terrifying London Congestion Zone, and Stephen Fry presents a BAFTA tribute to someone - but he's not entirely sure who... Elsewhere, some familiar voices phone up the European Space Agency, the team add a bit of festive cheer to Crimewatch and Embarrassing Bodies, and Mel and Sue give their double entendres a good old squeeze in The Great British Innuendo.

Also featured is a sparkling selection of unbroadcast material from the razor-sharp BBC Radio 4 comedy.

NB: Contains humour and language that some listeners may find offensive

Cast and credits
Starring John Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Mark Perry, Kevin Connelly, Phil Cornwell, Duncan Wisbey, Lewis MacLeod and Debra Stephenson, with Brian Bowles
Created by Bill Dare
Produced by Bill Dare, Katie Tyrell, Mario Stylianides and Katie Marsden
Music composed by John Whitehall

Written by Nev Fountain, Tom Jamieson and Laurence Howarth with: Ed Amsden, Daniel Audritt, Jack Bernhardt, Colin Birch, Simon Blackwell, James Bugg, Sarah Campbell, Carl Carter, Lucy Clarke, Tom Coles, Tony Cooke, Ali Crockatt, Rhodri Crooks, Jon Culshaw, Bill Dare, Max Davis, John Finnemore, Gerard Foster, Paul Gannon, Jon Holmes, Gabby Hutchinson Crouch, Robin Ince, Paul Kerensa, Gráinne Maguire, Laura Major, Henry Naylor, Benjamin Partridge, Steve Punt, Pete Reynolds, Tony Roche, David Scott, Chris Thompson, Richard Ward, Mark Watson, Duncan Wisbey

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 16 August-6 September 2002 (Series 8), 10-31 January 2003 (Series 9), 5 September-3 October 2003 (Series 10), 16 September-21 October 2005 (Series 11), 30 July-3 September 2014 (Series 12), 26 December 2014-2 January 2015 (Series 13), 10 April-8 May 2015 (Series 14)

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