One More Day Until Pride

One More Day Until Pride


Hello friends, come on down to our wonderful town,
You’ll be welcomed with arms open wide.
Because here, every year, our town blossoms with cheer,
As tomorrow we’ll celebrate . . . Pride!

Join a group of friends preparing to celebrate Pride, learning about its positive messages and creating banners and costumes that reflect what they're passionate about. This is a beautiful, moving story that shows it's never too early to start celebrating love, acceptance and inclusion.

About the authors

Gareth Peter

Gareth Peter is an author and stay-at-home dad, living in Nottingham with his partner, two huskies and their two adopted children. In 2018 Gareth was selected as one of ten exceptional finalists onto the Penguin Random House WriteNow mentoring scheme, seeking new voices from under-represented communities. His experience as a parent within a same-sex couple brings a fresh, funny and sensitive perspective to parenting and family life.

His three debut picture books My Daddies, Forever Star and Who Will You Meet on Santa Claus Street? published in 2021.
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Max Rambaldi (Illustrator)

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