Live, Laugh, Laundry

Live, Laugh, Laundry

A calming guide to keeping your clothes clean – and you happy


In this essential guide to all things laundry, much-loved online cleaning expert Laura Mountford shows us how we can all do our laundry better, so that we feel happier and calmer every day. With self-care tips to incorporate into your routine and beautiful line drawings throughout, in this book you'll find:

- A guide to must-have products & laundry symbols
- Instructions on how to wash any clothing/fabric
- Troubleshooting for common mistakes
- Tips for being more eco-friendly & saving money
- and much more!

Helping you feel less overwhelmed and full of new ideas that will make you excited to put on your next wash, Live Laugh Laundry is the soothing and useful guide we all need to the life-changing magic of laundry.

'My laundry routine has helped me hugely on difficult days - I'd love for it to do the same for you.'


  • The book I wish I had when I moved out of home. You'll be nothing but a laundry pro once you've finished this amazing book!
    Sophie Liard (@The Folding Lady)

About the author

Laura Mountford

Laura Mountford aka @Lauracleanaholic shares her cleaning and laundry motivation, tips and tricks, favourite products and where to buy them. Laura knows from first-hand experience that taking care of a home can be overwhelming but using products she loves and knows work well (and smell divine) motivates her to clean. Most of all, she finds that cleaning helps her to relax - it is an essential part of her self-care routine. Laura's belief is that everyone can care for themselves and care for their home at the same time.
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