Lenin of the Rovers: The Adventures of a Communist Football Club

Lenin of the Rovers: The Adventures of a Communist Football Club

The Complete Series 1 and 2 of the BBC Radio Comedy


Alexei Sayle stars in this comical story of Britain's first Communist football team

A secret descendant of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, Ricky Lenin is a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist, fervently committed to overthrowing the decadent world of British football. As a midfield maestro, he's perfectly placed to infiltrate England's top club, Felchester Rovers, where he proceeds to introduce his radical ideas. But there's more to his fellow players than meets the eye, and Ricky soon discovers he's not the only one seeking to foment revolution...

In these two series, the tactical mastermind and his teammates lock horns with the gutter press, are drawn against the notoriously hard Crungethorpe United, attempt to use the old boy network to get a sleeper agent into Cambridge, and head to the sunny socialist idyll of El Telvador - only to find themselves in the midst of a war zone. But can they make it through to the FA Cup final?

Part parody, part social commentary, this tongue-in-cheek 'penny dreadful of the airwaves' affectionately spoofs everything from Roy of the Rovers and Boys' Own heroes to the British establishment, the North-South divide, Marxist-Leninist ideology and football itself. Among the star cast are Keith Allen, Phil Cornwell, John Sessions, Jim Broadbent and legendary BBC football commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme.

Written by Marcus Berkmann
Produced by Harry Thompson

Ricky Lenin - Alexei Sayle
Frank Lee Brian - Kenneth Wolstenholme
Stevie Stalin/Mike Frankly - Andrew McClean
Brian Frankly - Jerold Wells
Ray of the Rovers - Maurice Colbourne
The Colonel - Ballard Berkeley/Donald Hewlett
Terry Trotsky - Keith Allen/Jonathan Kydd/Phil Cornwell
Frank Lee Motson/Davies/Robin Hood - Phil Cornwell
Announcer - John Witty
Des Frankly - Tony Alias
Julian Frankly/Senior Praecucumber - John Wells
Jeff Frankly - John Sessions
Curvy Corinne - Jacqueline Ashman
Manolo/McCreadie/C Hopper Harris - Jim Broadbent

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 13 February-9 March 1988 (Series 1), 1-8 April 1989 and 8-15 April 2005 (Series 2)

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