I Think I’ve Got a Problem: The Complete Series 1 and 2

I Think I’ve Got a Problem: The Complete Series 1 and 2

A BBC Radio Comedy


Bob Monkhouse and Suggs star in this hilarious, all-singing comedy caper

When Tom Caine wakes one morning to discover he can't stop bursting into song, his life takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

Who are the strange bunch of musicians following him around?

And why can no one else see them?

When one of his impromptu performances gets him arrested for inciting a riot at a football match, Tom realises he needs to try and take control of the imaginary band inside his head. But can he keep his job, his girlfriend and his sanity in the process?

Starring Suggs as Tom and Bob Monkhouse as Dr Boone, his long-suffering therapist.

Featuring original music from Suggs, Andrew McGibbon and Nick Romero, this pitch-perfect comedy is an everyday story about a man who just can't stop singing.

Directed by Chris Neil
Produced by Torquil MacLeod, Julian Mayers, Andrew McGibbon and Dawn Ellis
Songs by Andrew McGibbon, Nick Romero and Suggs

Tom Caine - Suggs
Dr Boone - Bob Monkhouse
Sadie - Mika Simmons
Bouche - Phil Cornwell
Clammy Clemence - Michael Roberts
Jake - Andrew McGibbon
Monty DeVere - Nick Romero
Miss Lie, Air Stewardess, Melody - Emma Clarke
Malc - Bill Nighy
Phelia - Julia Deakin
Clammy - Toby Longworth
Pi - Debra Stephenson and Tracy-Ann Oberman

Series 1 first broadcast BBC Radio 4, July 2001
Series 2 first broadcast on BBC Radio 4, March 2003

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