Where's Del Boy?

Where's Del Boy?


National treasure hunt

Fromage Frais! Del Boy Trotter is on the run, with dodgy detective Roy Slater hot on his heels. With the manhunt going from Peckham to Hull and from Margate to Miami, will the long arm of the law finally catch up with him?

The police chase plays out over ten minutely detailed, search-and-find artworks, with Peckham Echo front pages, articles and adverts also dropped in throughout, to move the story along.

In this immersive plunge into the world of Only Fools and Horses, finding Del Boy is just the beginning. The pages are packed with artful clues, in-jokes and subtle references to all 64 episodes, testing the sleuthing skills of life-long fans of the classic show.

Can Del Boy dodge the detective? Mange tout!

About the authors

Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan is the author of multiple books, including The Peckham Archives and He Who Dares... The son of Only Fools and Horses creator John Sullivan, he co-wrote the hit West End show Only Fools and Horses the Musical.
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Steve Clark

Steve Clark has been specialising in behind-the-scenes reports on television programmes for more than twenty years. He is author of The Only Fools and Horses Story (BBC Books, 1999), On Set (Blake Publishing, 1999), Captain Corelli's Mandolin - The Illustrated Film Companion (Headline, 2001) and The British Television Location Guide (Splendid Books, 2011). He lives in Hampshire with his wife and son. He doesn't drive a Robin Reliant... but he'd secretly quite like one.
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Mike Jones

Mike Jones is a writer and designer who specialises in film and television. A regular contributor to Doctor Who magazine and designer of the Gerry Anderson Vault series of books, Mike has also curated several Only Fools and Horses exhibitions. He regularly writes and designs accompanying sleeve notes for audio and video releases of much-loved screen classics.
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Moreno Chiacchiera (Illustrator)

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