Voyage of the Damned

Voyage of the Damned


The mind-blowing murder mystery debut with magical passengers, epic adventure, and a twist you can’t guess.

If Agatha Christie wrote fantasy, this would be it!


"Agatha Christie with glitter magic.' I’m totally here for it. I hoovered up White’s chunky novel in a day. Both funny and flirty as it deals with issues of class, snobbery and sexuality amongst all the magic and murder. The result is hugely entertaining'


For a thousand years, Concordia has maintained peace between its provinces. To mark this incredible feat, the emperor's ship embarks upon a twelve-day voyage to the sacred Goddess's Mountain.

Aboard are the twelve heirs of the provinces of Concordia, each graced with a unique and secret magical ability known as a Blessing.

All except one: Ganymedes Piscero – class clown, slacker, and all-round disappointment.

When a beloved heir is murdered, everyone is a suspect. Stuck at sea and surrounded by powerful people and without a Blessing to protect him , Ganymedes's odds of survival are slim.

But as the bodies pile higher, Ganymedes must become the hero he was not born to be. Can he unmask the killer and their secret blessing before this bloody crusade reaches the shores of Concordia?

Or will the empire as he knows it fall forever?


Praise for Voyage of the Damned:

'Frances White has crafted a brilliantly clever tale full of heart-warming characters, riveting twists and a gloriously conceived world. A poignant, quirky and utterly delightful read. I felt EVERYTHING while reading Voyage of the Damned' Bea Fitzgerald, bestselling author of Girl, Goddess, Queen

'Burned through this in about two days. Absolutely bloody brilliant! Voyage of the Damned is clever and comedic, while also heartfelt and harrowing. I hope readers will come to enjoy Dee's escapades as much as I did' - Sunyi Dean, author of The Book Eaters

'An enchanting, bloody delight. Full of magic, laugh-out-loud humor, and so much murder' - Gabi Burton, author of Sing Me To Sleep


Readers can't stop raving about this book and its chaotic protagonist, Dee . . .

Dee Fan Club Testimonials:

‘He’d spit in the face of authority and unapologetically flirt with anything that moves’ Reader review

‘Ganymedes Piscero, AKA Dee, is my favorite sort of disaster child’ Reader review

'He's chubby, anxious, imperfect and 100% relatable—the kind of hero the world could use more of.' Reader review

'I would protect him with my life.' Reader review

'Ganymedes is an absolute riot. He's hilarious, chaotic, and a total queer underdog that you can't help but root for.' Reader review


  • A fiendishly compelling locked room mystery brimming with character and heart that blew me away! White’s protagonist Ganymedes Piscero is utterly endearing. His unique brand of humour, bravado, and vulnerability hits a bullseye in the feels. A delightful debut.
    A.Y Chao, bestselling author of Shanghai Immortal

About the author

Frances White

Frances White is the author of Voyage of the Damned, a fantasy murder mystery at sea. A Nottingham resident, Frances is a creative writing graduate from Royal Holloway University of London. She has a soft spot for writing unlikely, flawed, messy heroes and loves mixing humour and heartbreak. Frances is also passionate about bringing more LGBTQIA+ representation and fat positivity into fantasy. When not writing, she can be found sewing nerdy costumes for comic conventions or researching obscure historical facts.
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