The Fosdyke Saga

The Fosdyke Saga

A BBC Radio 4 Comedy Drama


Miriam Margolyes leads a comedy spoof version of John Galsworthy's classic 'The Forsyte Saga' novels

Follow the uproarious antics of the Edwardian Fosdyke family as they work their way out of the mining pits of Lancashire to become rulers of a global tripe empire. An empire that the villainous Roger Ditchely will stop at nothing to try and bring down...

A classic tale of struggle, power, personalities, and offal.

Based on Bill Tidy's hugely popular Daily Mirror cartoon strip, this full-cast production is a laugh-out-loud parody of John Galsworthy's classic, 'The Forsyte Saga'.

Cast and credits
Written by Bill Tidy and John Junkin
Produced by Alan Nixon

Josiah Fosdyke - Philip Lowrie
Victoria Fosdyke - Miriam Margolyes
Roger Ditchely - Christian Rodska
Rebecca Fosdyke - Stephanie Turner
Ben Ditchley - Colin Douglas
Tom Fosdyke - David Threlfall
The King - John Westerbrook
The Warder - John Junkin
Albert Fosdyke - Enn Reitel
Von Richtofen and Colonel Boodle - Larry Lamb
The Sergeant - Trevor Cooper
Schmidt - David Timson
Fifi - Sally Grace
The Strangler - Nick Maloney
The Judge - David Ross

Other parts played by - Douglas Blackwell, Christopher Barr, David English, Nick Revell, Arthur Smith and John Dougall

First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, October 1983

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