M. R. James: Stories I Have Tried to Write

M. R. James: Stories I Have Tried to Write

Seven Full-Cast BBC Radio Dramas


A series of full-cast ghost stories based on plots by M. R. James

In 1929, M. R. James penned an essay called 'Stories I Have Tried to Write', in which he detailed plots that had failed to blossom and fragments of tales that never materialised, recalling them 'for the benefit of someone else'. In this BBC Radio series, Sheila Hodgson takes advantage of his generosity, fleshing out these sketchy ideas into full-blown dramas. Some are narrated by M. R. James himself, while others feature the author as a character, caught up in strange, inexplicable events.

The Whisper in the Ear - M. R. James recounts the curious affair of young undergraduate Robert Stafford and his mysterious train companion.

Turn Turn Turn - The Cambridge provost tells a chilling cautionary tale of witchcraft in Cambridge, in an attempt to heal a rift between a vicar and his son.

The Backward Glance - The unsettling story of a mysterious 18th-century mask made of black silk - and skin...

Here Am I, Where Are You? - The tale of a cursed professor with a curious red book, a wayward nephew and a Georgian tankard.

Echoes from the Abbey - An invitation to spend Christmas at Medborough Abbey leads to a ghostly encounter for distinguished academic Dr James.

The Lodestone - A young illustrator becomes obsessed with drawing the gravestone of a 17th-century witch.

The Boat Hook - Visiting Trondheim Cathedral, Dr James is unsettled by the appearance of a small model boat...

David March and Michael Williams star in these haunting supernatural dramas, which will thrill all fans of M. R. James' original ghost stories.

NB: Due to the age of some of the recordings, the sound quality may vary

Written by Sheila Hodgson
Based on ideas by M.R. James
Directed by David Johnston

© 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd. (P) 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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