Lottie Brooks’s Essential Guide to Life

Lottie Brooks’s Essential Guide to Life


Hi, Lottie Brooks here! I’ve just found out that you’ve all been reading about my most EMBARRASSING moments for years…it’s meant to be my TOTALLY SECRET PRIVATE DIARY!!
Seems like it’s only fair then that it’s YOUR TURN!

From the hilarious and bestselling author, Katie Kirby, comes a brand-new Lottie Brooks diary. This time written by YOU!

Lottie has been sharing her most cringe-inducing moments for years so this your chance to create your very own Lottie Brooks inspired diary! Lottie and her friends are here to help with all the top tips on school, friendship, crushes and, most importantly, SNACKS.

Filled with stories and BRAND-NEW Lottie inspired activities, plus space for you to write and draw as well, grab a pen (and maybe a KitKat Chunky, for energy) and get started on your very own LOTTIE BROOKS DIARY.

About the author

Katie Kirby

Katie Kirby is a writer and illustrator who lives by the sea in Hove with her husband, two sons and dog Sasha.

She has a degree in Advertising and Marketing and after spending several years working in London media agencies, which basically involved hanging out in fancy restaurants and pretending to know what she was talking about, she had some children and decided to start a blog called 'Hurrah for Gin' about the gross injustice of it all.

Many people said her sense of humour was silly and immature so she now writes children's books.

Katie likes gin, rabbits, over-thinking things, the smell of launderettes and Monster Munch. She does not like losing at board games or writing about herself in the third person.
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