Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos

On Motherhood, Finding Yourself and Overwhelming Love


The Instant Sunday Times Bestseller

'The words awaken the magic of life by celebrating the ordinary' - Giovanna Fletcher

'Beautifully heartfelt, inspiringly poignant and therapeutically validating' - Anna Mathur

Motherhood is messy and beautiful, and hard and humbling. We adore our children, and sometimes we miss ourselves. Beautiful Chaos is a collection of raw, honest poems about motherhood - capturing everything from pregnancy to school age.

Upon becoming a mother, poet Jessica Urlichs was reminded that the everyday ordinary is extraordinary. Beautiful Chaos is a collection that chronicles it all - the highs, the lows, the confusion, the loss of identity, the becoming, and the brutal but beautiful ways our children hold up a mirrors to ourselves. This collection inspires vulnerability and will be a cathartic, healing read for anyone who needs it.

These poems will remind you of a time gone by or ground you in the current moment. Either way, they will make you feel seen and comforted amid the beautiful chaos that is motherhood.


  • The poems are so beautifully observed and shared. The words awaken the magic of life by celebrating the ordinary. They remind you of what once was, while beautifully planting you in the now. I just want to go back to the start and read them all again. A beautiful companion to keep by my side.
    Giovanna Fletcher

About the author

Jessica Urlichs

Jess is an author and poet who lives in New Zealand with her husband and three children. She has written a variety of children's books to help babies and young children navigate their emotions in their early years.

Her three poetry books on early motherhood - ‘From One Mom to a Mother’, ‘My After All’ and ‘All I See is You’ - grace the homes of thousands around the world and have proven to be very popular and of great help amongst mothers at all stages of their journey, resonating mostly on early motherhood and with first time mothers.
Jess’ honest and heartfelt poetry about her family and motherhood continue to be a source of guidance for mothers and parents alike around the world to connect, with her most popular poetry book of all time- ‘From One Mom to a Mother’.
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