The Vagus Nerve Reset

The Vagus Nerve Reset

Train your body to heal stress, trauma and anxiety


'Understanding our nervous system and somatic healing hold the key for many of us in overcoming anxiety - Anna's book shows us the way.'
Chloe Brotheridge - bestselling author of The Anxiety Solution.

Harness the power of your vagus nerve to reduce stress, overcome anxiety and release past trauma

Feeling anxious and disconnected are signs of a nervous system that's out of balance. Something as small as a curt message from our boss can be perceived by our bodies as a threat to life. By understanding our physiological stress response, we can override and heal our emotional response, and fix the behaviours sabotaging our health and happiness.

In The Vagus Nerve Reset, Anna Ferguson offers somatic therapies alongside the science of Polyvagal Theory, to help us train our nervous system to stop overreacting, and start responding more calmly to day-to-day stressors and heal past experiences. Anna provides practical, immediate ways to unlock a mindful connection with our bodies, helping us become more aware of our nervous system and notice what derails us - and transform the way we respond to every kind of challenge in life.

By tuning into our vagus nerve we can gently shape our nervous system for greater resilience. This will have profound long-term positive influence on our overall health and wellbeing, providing relief from debilitating anxiety and symptoms of chronic illness.

Including a programme of mindful movement, breathwork and meditation, journalling, and more, this comprehensive guide allows us to find anchors of safety amongst the chaos, reclaim a sense of control and step into the most confident, resilient and grounded version of ourselves.


  • Anna invites such warmth and compassion, to bring a level of healing that feels accessible. Her words are a gift for you to help reclaim back your life and to understand yourself from a body wisdom perspective in a way that enables you to take back control. If you're struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or simply want to understand how your body acts the way it does then this book is for you. It's packed with exercises and theory that leaves you feeling informed. A must read for anyone who needs some clarity on navigating life in a healthier, healed way.
    Helen Marie, Therapist and author of Choose You

About the author

Anna Ferguson

Anna Ferguson is a leading Australian mental health expert and anxiety therapist. She has built an engaged community of 250k followers on Instagram, sharing practical, holistic mind-body tools and breaking down barriers and stigma around mental health. Through her work as a counsellor, speaker and author, she provides valuable resources for those who struggle with anxiety, and is striving to change the conversation around mental health.
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