A Doodle a Day Keeps the Stress Away

A Doodle a Day Keeps the Stress Away

Quick creativity for instant calm


FROM TIKTOK'S FAVOURITE ART TEACHER. Don't stress yourself, express yourself.

-This book is designed for the stressed out and weary.
-The those who've forgotten what it's like to draw for no reason and colour outside the lines.
-For anyone tired of staring at their screen who misses the feeling of putting pen to paper.

This book is for you. No one else needs to see these pages. Start wherever you like and draw for as long as you need. Find an escape, find calm, find your creativity - every page offers a quick, fun prompt...

Every page offers a quick, fun prompt to help you: get away from your screen ... pause before sending that angry text ... zone out ... survive the workday ... enjoy a lunchbreak time out ... endure that never-ending call ... boost a low day ... clear your mind ... get your daily dopamine hit.

About the author

Tamara Michael

Tamara is a professional artist, whose work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Australia and sold worldwide. By day she is school teacher using doodling to bring calm to her classes after hectic lunch breaks. By night she is a TikTok star sharing her knowledge of art through accessible how-to drawing exercises, and helping millions find calm through creativity. Tamara started her TikTok in 2020, Instagram and Youtube following in 2021, and quickly connected with people all over the world.
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