Dead Ringers: Series 23 Plus Christmas Specials

Dead Ringers: Series 23 Plus Christmas Specials

The BBC Radio 4 Impressions Show


The complete Series 23 of the award-winning show – plus three Christmas Specials

Everyone’s favourite impressions show returns, giving a satirical savaging to a host of politicians, media pundits and celebrities. Among the team’s new victims in this 23rd series are Holly Willoughby, Stacey Solomon and the entire cast of Succession.

Boris Johnson plots a political comeback with the SNP (‘Och aye the fwaah!’); Thérèse Coffey launches her signature scent, Eau Sewage; The Archers is revamped for Gen Z; and, with the cost of living crisis at its height, money superhero Martin Lewis swoops in to save us all. We also learn the explicit secrets of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s OnlyFans account; find out Sir Keir Starmer’s secret plan for after the election; and hear some surprising tips from Dr Michael Mosley on how to improve our health and wellbeing...

Also included are three Specials with a festive twist, featuring all the people you’d least like to have dinner with. In the first two, Baroness Mone and her husband get their just deserts, Rishi Sunak and King Charles give their end of year speeches – and the Trussmeister is back with a vengeance. And in the third, Jon Culshaw and Jan Ravens join Dead Ringers creator and producer Bill Dare to look back at how party leaders across the spectrum have been portrayed in the last ten years of the programme.

Cast and credits

Starring Jon Culshaw, Lewis MacLeod, Jan Ravens, Jess Robinson, Duncan Wisbey and Jason Forbes

Produced and created by Bill Dare

Production Co-ordinator: Dan Marchini

Sound Designer: Rich Evans

Written by Nev Fountain & Tom Jamieson, Laurence Howarth, Ed Amsden & Tom Coles, Davina Bentley, Alex Bertulis-Fernandes, James Bugg, Sarah Campbell, Cody Dahler, Robert Darke, Sophie Dickson, Chris Donovan, Toussaint Douglass, Christina Riggs, Nicky Roberts, Katie Sayer, Peter Tellouche, Edward Tew, Rachel E. Thorn, Joe Topping, Duncan Wisbey

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 16 June-21 July 2023 (Series 23), 15-29 December 2023 (Christmas Specials)

© 2024 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd. (P) 2024 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd.

About the authors

Tom Jamieson

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Nev Fountain

Nev Fountain is an English writer, best known for his comedy work with writing partner Tom Jamieson on the radio and television programme Dead Ringers. He has written several novels, as well as audio dramas based on the TV series Doctor Who. He is also a staff writer for Private Eye magazine.
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