All The Devils

All The Devils


Dark academia meets horror in this mysterious fantasy series. Perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo's NINTH HOUSE and Netflix's WEDNESDAY.



Hell is empty and all the demons are at Ravenswood Academy . . .

Mourning the sudden death of her sister, Andy Emmerson knows she must come to terms with a life without Violet. But on the day of the funeral Andy is shocked to discover one thing: the person in that casket is not her sister.

Violet is alive.

Convinced her sister's elite boarding school is covering up the truth, Andy enrols at Ravenswood Academy to discover what really happened and find Violet.

The school is as beautiful and haunting as the students within it and Andy learns that it's not just good grades that drives these pupils. Something much darker is at play.

After discovering a cryptic note from her sister, Andy must follow a set of clues to unlock the truth. This will bring her into contact with secret societies, ancient magic, demons and monsters. And a charming senior named Jae Han who has his own reasons for finding out what happened to Violet . . .

Soon Andy realizes the price she must pay to bring her sister home is darker and more dangerous than she ever could have imagined.


Readers are loving All The Devils

'Wow, wow, wowwwww!!! I did not expect how this book was going to play out, I couldn’t put the book down' ***** Reader Review

‘I have read almost every dark academia or dark academia adjacent book and All The Devils was SOOO refreshing. The romance, the storyline, the plot. I practically devoured it!’ ***** Reader Review

‘Dark academic? Witchy vibes? Art history? Sprinkle of romance? All a recipe for a 5* read in my opinion. The characters and the scenery were all exquisitely, especially when we went to the Underworld. The twists just kept coming when it came to Jae and I spent a good deal of time picking my jaw up off the floor' ***** Reader Review

‘Fans of Leigh Bardugo will devour this series, strong ninth house vibes, and you will never again view moths in the same light!’ ***** Reader Review

‘All The Devils and it's comparisons to 'Ninth House' & 'Wednesday' were right on the money but there's more to All The Devils than just that!’ ***** Reader Review

About the author

Catelyn Wilson

Catelyn Wilson earned her BA in creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She lived in three states and four countries before she turned sixteen, and only survived because of her triplet sisters, whom she is freakishly close to. Catelyn lives in Texas with her husband and dog. When not writing you can find her obsessing over a new hyperfixation and calling it a hobby.
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