The Archbishop Interviews: Series 1 and 2

The Archbishop Interviews: Series 1 and 2

Presented by The Most Reverend Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury


Archbishop Justin Welby explores the inner lives of public figures in revealing conversations

Listen now to fascinating and remarkable conversations between The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and leading men and women as they discuss big questions about humankind. This collection is a must-listen for anyone looking to explore life beyond the sensational headlines and glossy PR that dominate our world. The interviews delve into what it really means to be human, and each guest has an incredible story that is shared in a deeply personal way. Take a deep dive into these engaging discussions, which explore the moral touchstones, values and desires in our lives.

Welby creates a space for frank, candid and startlingly honest dialogue exploring in depth such themes as love, loss, grief and power. The guests discuss their own personal faith, spirituality and beliefs and how these frameworks underpin the big decisions, important moments and meaningful experiences in their lives. This series of twelve thoughtful and unique interviews include Tony Blair discussing the decisions that took the UK to war, Nick Cave reflecting on the grief of losing his son and Zarifa Ghafari exploring how her faith has kept her campaigning for women’s rights against all odds. These immersive, impactful conversations with the Archbishop are like no other interview.

Elif Shafak: The British-Turkish novelist and political scientist discusses how she gives voice to uncomfortable subjects such as gender-based violence, child abuse and genocide.

Susan Blackmore: The renowned psychologist and atheist explores consciousness and her own interpersonal habits and beliefs.

Tony Blair: The former UK Prime Minster, who took the country to war, discusses the impact his faith had on the decisions he made when in office.

Nick Carter: The retired head of the British Armed Forces General speaks about the intense conflict, suffering and bravery he has witnessed in his career.

Clare Moriarty: The former civil servant discusses her role as ‘faith and belief champion’ in the service where she said, ‘of all the diversity characteristics, faith and belief is the one we talk about least’.

Stephen King: The bestselling novelist and household name has been called the ‘King of Horror’ but where does that dark creativity come from.

John Cleese: The comedy writer and actor talks about his long career and how his beliefs have shaped his values and actions in life.

Shirine Khoury-Haq: The first female Chief Executive of the Co-Op in its 159-year history, Khoury-Haq reveals the impact of her inner faith on her life and success.

Zarifa Ghafari: Survivor of three assassination attempts, the celebrated Afghan human rights campaigner and former mayor explores the importance of her faith and her own mortality.

Nick Cave: The internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter talks frankly and openly about grief, loss, addiction and his complex relationship with the Bible.

Gabriel Byrne: A childhood marked by sexual abuse at the hands of catholic priests, the actor and filmmaker discusses suffering, turmoil and hope in relationship to faith and the church.

Cressida Dick: As the first female and openly lesbian Metropolitan Police Commissioner between 2017 and 2022, Dame Cressida Dick faces how she navigated her inner life alongside her public profile.

Produced by Dan Tierney

First broadcast on Radio 4
Elif Shafak 20 Feb 2022
Susan Blackmore 27 Feb 2022
Tony Blair 6 Mar 2022
Nick Carter 13 Mar 2022
Clare Moriarty 20 Mar 2022
Stephen King 27 Mar 2022
John Cleese 4 Jun 2023
Shirine Khoury-Haq 11 Jun 2023
Zarifa Ghafari 18 Jun 2023
Nick Cave 25 Jun 2023
Gabriel Byrne 2 Jul 2023
Cressida Dick 9 Jul 2023

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