Everything Under the Sun: Quiz Book

Everything Under the Sun: Quiz Book

A question for everyday of the year


Can you answer 366 curious questions from children all around the world? Quiz your friends and family and discover fascinating facts about our world and beyond!
  • Which animal has the most eyes? (Scallops have 200 eyes!)
  • Why is blue cheese stinky? (Because it is full of mould!)
  • What is the only mammal not able to fart? (Sloths. Instead of farting, gas inside their body is reabsorbed into their bloodstreams and they breathe it out.)

All 366 multiple choice questions are accompanied with interesting facts and are gorgeously illustrated throughout, making this the perfect gift for Christmas.

Whether you try a question a day, or dip into it whenever you are feeling curious, this is a book to enjoy and discover all year round!

Based on the award-winning podcast, and original book by Molly Oldfield, Everything Under the Sun.

About the author

Molly Oldfield

Molly Oldfield is the host of 'Everything Under the Sun', a weekly podcast answering questions from children all around the world. The podcast went straight to Number 1 on the 'kids and family' Apple podcasts chart, when it launched in November 2018 and it won Bronze for 'Best Family Podcast' at the British Podcast Awards 2019. Molly is full of unusual facts and knowledge. She is known as The Original QI Elf and spent twelve years researching and writing questions for the BBC quiz show. She is also the author of several other children's books - The Secret Museum, Wonders of the World's Museums and Natural Wonders of the World.

You can find out information about how to send in questions to the podcast at: www.everythingunderthesun.co.uk
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