The Rabbit Hole Book

The Rabbit Hole Book

99 adventures into the history of stuff


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Have you ever wondered why pubs have certain names?

Or why jet lag exists?

Or perhaps you have speculated about the origin of the paperclip?

If any of these ring true or if you can relate to spending far too much time down an internet rabbit hole then you are in the right place/ this is the book for you! Trivia lovers and general knowledge enthusiasts rejoice as we introduce the first book from the trio behind the hit history podcast The Rabbit Hole Detectives. Join your favourite investigators, Richard Coles, Charles Spencer and Cat Jarman, as they uncover the weird and wonderful provenance behind your favourite and surprising historical objects both real and metaphorical.

Forensically researched, beautifully observed, and using humour and their vast historical knowledge, The Rabbit Hole Detectives Book is a feast of historical trivia and unknown facts.

Packed full with a stimulating and moreish mix of longer entries, lists, trivia, amazing factoids and hysterical banter, this book is addictive, fun and endlessly informative.

Whatever you think you know, guess again.

© Richard Coles, Charles Spencer and Cat Jarman 2024 (P) Penguin Audio 2024

About the authors

Richard Coles

The Reverend Richard Coles is a writer, presenter and Church of England clergyman. He is the only vicar in Britain to have had a number-one hit single and appear on Strictly Come Dancing. Reverend Coles is the author of the bestselling Murder Before Evensong mystery.
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Charles Spencer

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Cat Jarman

Dr Cat Jarman is a bioarchaeologist and field archaeologist specialising in the Viking Age, Viking women, and Rapa Nui. She is an experienced public speaker and communicator who frequently shares her expertise in the media (recent examples include New Scientist, New York Times, and BBC radio) and on podcasts (e.g. HistoryHit with Dan Snow). Dr Jarman's research has been covered by print and online news outlets internationally.
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