Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Novels Volume 2

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Novels Volume 2

11th Doctor Novels


Nicholas Briggs, Arthur Darvill and Clare Corbett read these four original stories featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory.

In The King's Dragon, by Una McCormack, the inhabitants of the city-state of Geath appear to be happy and rich; yet strange creatures are stirring, and an ancient civil war looks set to be revived.

In The Glamour Chase, by Gary Russell, an ancient spaceship is discovered on Earth in 1936, and the Doctor finds that suddenly no-one is quite what they seem.

In The Dead of Winter, by James Goss, a remote clinic in 18th Century Italy sees the arrival of the enigmatic Mrs Pond, with her husband and her physician. But who are the strange, faceless figures that rise from the sea?

In The Way Through the Woods, by Una McCormack, Rory disappears in an ancient wood, and the Doctor and Amy discover than something ancient that dwells there is now waking up...

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About the authors

Una McCormack

Dr Una McCormack is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling science fiction writer of more than twenty novels, plus many audio dramas and short stories.
An associate fellow of Homerton College, Cambridge, Una’s academic interests include feminist science fiction, transformative works, and creative writing practice and methodology. She writes and broadcasts regularly on these and other topics on local and national radio. She is on the editorial board of Gold SF, an imprint of Goldsmiths Press aimed at publishing new voices in intersectional feminist science fiction.
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Gary Russell

One-time Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures script editor Gary Russell has written books on subjects such as Doctor Who, Frasier, The Simpsons and The Lord of the Rings movies. He is currently overseeing animated reimaginings of old 1960s missing Doctor Who stories for BBC Studios.
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James Goss

James Goss has adapted three Doctor Who stories by Douglas Adams for BBC Books (City of Death, The Pirate Planet, and The Krikkitmen). He's also written several original Doctor Who and Torchwood books. His novel #Haterz is in development as a motion picture. He's also written for the stage and the radio.
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