Doctor Who: The Time-Travelling Almanac

Doctor Who: The Time-Travelling Almanac

The Official Guide to the Doctor’s Year


‘The ground beneath our feet is spinning at a thousand miles an hour and the entire planet is hurtling round the Sun at 67,000 miles an hour — and I can feel it.’

- The Doctor

We’re all travellers in time and space. Right now, you’re riding a planet as it makes its latest circuit of the Sun. For millennia, humans have used this regular journey round and round to mark time and our place in the universe.

Doctor Who: The Time-Travelling Almanac is your essential companion on this trip we call a ‘year’. It’s packed full of useful tips, information and fun stuff to guide and illuminate the voyage. Month by month you can spot constellations, identify shooting stars and mark daily Doctor Who debuts, birthdays and anniversaries!

And there’s so much more. At which hour are Sea Devils most likely to attack? What do the Daleks predict for your future? When has the Doctor's timeline converged with the Beatles? And how are ‘July’ and ‘August’ related to days being erased from existence — more than once?

About the author

Simon Guerrier

Simon Guerrier is co-author of Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived and Whographica for BBC Books, and has written countless Doctor Who books, comics, audio plays and documentaries. He has been a guest on Front Row and The Infinite Monkey Cage on Radio 4 and, with his brother Thomas, makes films and documentaries – most recently Victorian Queens of Ancient Egypt for Radio 3.
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