The Monsters at the End of the World

The Monsters at the End of the World


An astonishing debut novel about friendship, trust and survival – with a monstrously big heart. Perfect for fans of Kiran Millwood Hargrave and SF Said.

Two hundred years ago, the Ruin poisoned the land and caused never-before-seen sea creatures to claim the ocean as their own. To the coastal villages that are all that is left of humanity, they are precisely what they have been named: monsters.

But when Sunny discovers one of those monsters trapped on the beach, she realises everything she thought she knew about them is wrong. Mo is an intelligent, gentle creature, far more in tune with nature than humans.

Mo is searching for his lost brother and Sunny is determined to help him. As the two forge an unlikely bond, the possibility of peace grows. But not all humans can be trusted, and not all monsters want to be friends. Can Sunny and Mo overcome their families' mutual suspicion and persuade the two sides to work together to save their dying world?

About the author

Rebecca Orwin

Rebecca Orwin was brought up in Chesterfield, by a mum who loves books and a dad who loves films and ended up loving stories in all their forms.

She has a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing from Newcastle University, and lives in Sheffield with her husband.
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