A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty

A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty

(Kingdom of Lies, book 2)


Step into the second in the epic and magical Kingdom of Lies series . . .


After fleeing from everything I knew and loved, and hiding in plain sight in a deceitful court, I am now faced with Lorian’s truth.

He is no mercenary . . .

He is known as the Bloodthirsty Prince.

His reign of terror has left a trail of blood across this continent. A trail that intertwines with my own past – not even my parents were spared from his merciless slaughter.

But, to save my brother’s life, I agreed to another bargain with the fae prince. Now, I’m forced to work with him. Forced to travel to the fae lands.

There are no lines I won’t cross to protect the people I love.

So, I’ll manipulate, blackmail and deceive potential allies. I’ll bury my shattered heart and cooperate with the fae to prepare for the coming war.

Because I now know that there are creatures far more monstrous than the fae.

And some of them masquerade as men . . .


1. Politics and scheming
2. Characters
3. Found family
4. Romance and some smut
5. Magic

About the author

Stacia Stark

Stacia Stark is a fantasy romance author who loves writing about found families, self-reliant heroines, and brooding, grumpy heroes.
Originally from New Zealand, Stacia spent over a decade traveling and living in various countries around the world as a freelance copywriter, and attributes both her wanderlust and creativity to those adventures.
When not traveling or writing, Stacia is usually lost in the pages of a good book.
Come say hi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/starksociety
Or learn more at Staciastark.com
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