Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road

Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road

15th Doctor Novelisation


Angela Wynter reads this novelisation of the first full adventure for the Fifteenth Doctor, as played on TV by Ncuti Gatwa, and Ruby Sunday as played on TV by Millie Gibson.

“I’ve been waiting, all this time, for my life to begin. Maybe it’s time to stop waiting. Maybe it’s time to start living.”

Chance. Misfortune. Coincidence. These are the weapons of choice for the Doctor’s latest enemies. And those enemies are very, very hungry…

For Ruby Sunday, this Christmas Eve is a birthday she’ll never forget. It’s the day she joins the Doctor on board a Goblin ship. The day she learns of dangers from beyond the universe. The day her life really begins… or, perhaps, the day it ends.

Angela Wynter, who plays Cherry Sunday in the BBC TV series, reads Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson's novelisation of the television script by Russell T Davies.

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Reading produced by Neil Gardner/Ladbroke Audio.
Sound design by David Roocroft.
Executive producer for BBC Audiobooks: Michael Stevens.

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