The Village Library Demon Hunting Society

The Village Library Demon Hunting Society

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Librarian Sherry Pinkwhistle has a knack for solving murders – lots of them. Sometimes she’s concerned by just how many killers she’s had to track down in her quiet village, though none of her neighbours seem surprised by the rising body count…

But when someone close to Sherry ends up dead, and her cat becomes unexpectedly possessed by an ancient demon as irritating as it is infernal, Sherry decides that it’s time for action.

It will be a lesson for murderers and demons alike:

Never mess with a librarian.

About the author

C.M. Waggoner

C.M. Waggoner grew up in rural upstate New York, where she spent a lot of time reading fantasy novels in a swamp. She studied creative writing at SUNY Purchase and lived in China for eight years before moving with her husband to Albany, NY. In her spare time, she volunteers, performs kitchen experiments, asks if she can pet your dog, and gardens badly.
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