Doctor Who: 73 Yards

Doctor Who: 73 Yards

15th Doctor Novelisation


Susan Twist reads this novelisation of the TV episode, featuring the Fifteenth Doctor as played by Ncuti Gatwa and Ruby Sunday as played by Millie Gibson.

How long is 73 Yards?

Haunted by a sinister presence, Ruby must cope with losing the Doctor and the life she once knew.
With her new life without her best friend becoming bleaker by the day, something terrifying is unleashed, and it’s up to Ruby to stop it.

Susan Twist, who appears in the BBC TV series, reads Scott Handcock's novelisation of this eerie episode from Russell T Davies.

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About the author

Scott Handcock

Scott Handcock is an English writer, director and producer who has been involved in a number of audio plays for Big Finish Productions. In 2022 he joined television production company Bad Wolf as the script editor for the British science fiction TV series Doctor Who, beginning with the show's fourteenth series.
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