Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again

The unputdownable novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Liar


Would you stand by your childhood best friend if they turned out to be a murderer? The unputdownable tale of passion, friendship and heartbreak from the Sunday Times bestselling author of LIAR Lesley Pearse

'Had me gripped from start to end' 5***** READER REVIEW
'Outstanding . . . Lesley Pearse never disappoints' 5***** READER REVIEW

She killed two people in cold blood . . . But why?

Susan is the woman who walked in a doctor's surgery one day and committed murder.

Beth is the lawyer assigned to defend Susan. But her client is uncooperative.

Until both women realise that twenty-nine years earlier, they were childhood friends . . .

While the evidence mounts up, their friendship starts to regrow.

But for one of them, there can be no happy ending . . .

'With characters it is impossible not to care about . . . this is storytelling at its very best'
Daily Mail

'Lose yourself in this epic saga'

'An emotional and moving epic you won't forget in a hurry' Woman's Weekly


  • Would you stand by your childhood best friend if they turned out to be a murderer? Till We Meet Again is an unputdownable tale of love, passion, and heartbreak . . .
    from the publisher's description

About the author

Lesley Pearse

International bestselling author Lesley Pearse has lived a life as rich with incidents, setbacks and joys as any found in her novels.

Resourceful, determined and willing to have a go at almost anything, Lesley left home at sixteen. By the mid sixties she was living in London, sharing flats, partying hard and married to a trumpet player in a jazz-rock band. She has also worked as a nanny and a Playboy bunny, and designed and made clothes to sell to boutiques.

It was only after having three daughters that Lesley began to write. The hardships, traumas, close friends and lovers from those early years were inspiration for her beloved novels. She published her first book at forty-nine and has not looked back since.

Lesley is still a party girl.
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