Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes Against Humanity

The Struggle For Global Justice


The definitive book on human rights law, now updated with a new chapter on war crimes in Ukraine

In Crimes Against Humanity, Geoffrey Robertson KC explains why we must hold political and military leaders accountable for genocide, torture and mass murder.

He shows how human rights standards can be enforced against cruel governments, armies and multi-national corporations. This seminal work contains a critical perspective on events such as the invasion of Iraq, the abuses at Abu Ghraib, the killings in Darfur, the death of Milosevic and the trial of Saddam Hussein.

Cautiously optimistic about ending impunity, but unsparingly critical of diplomats, politicians, Bush lawyers and others who evade international rules, this book will provide further guidance to a movement which aims to make justice predominant in world affairs.

'A beacon of clear-sighted commitment to the humanitarian cause ... impassioned ... exemplary ... seminal' Observer

'A devastating critique of the inadequate response of the international community to violations of basic freedoms ... a formidable achievement' Evening Standard


  • Millions will be reading his book in the century to come if we are serious in our intention to stop massacres.

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