The Mummy Diaries

The Mummy Diaries

Or How to Lose Your Husband, Children and Dog in Twelve Months


Rachel Johnson's hilarious take on life as a yummy mummy in West London and on Exmoor has been making her newspaper readers chortle for the last couple of years: now they are seamlessly turned into a diary of her year, from the dog's birthday party in January (games of Paws-the-Parcel) to the June sports days (where the mummies turn up at the school sports day in sports bras and running shorts with little back packs containing high energy drinks - and that's just for them) to summer on Exmoor hosting demanding visiting ponies.

About the author

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson is a journalist and broadcaster. Fresh Hell is published in June 2015, her previous books include The Mummy Diaries, Notting Hell, Shire Hell, A Diary of the Lady and Winter Games.
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