The Unfinished Global Revolution

The Unfinished Global Revolution

The Limits of Nations and The Pursuit of a New Politics


In the twenty-first century our economies are more globalized than ever - why not our politics too?

In The Unfinished Global Revolution former UN Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch-Brown argues that national governments are no longer equipped to address such complex global issues as climate change and poverty. Increasingly NGOs, civil society and the private sector are filling in the gaps.

Drawing on his experiences at the frontlines of international development - from Cambodia to Darfur, Washington to UN headquarters - Malloch-Brown argues that we must embrace these increasingly powerful networks to form a wholly new approach to global politics.


  • Rich in both analysis and recommendations, Mark Malloch-Brown deploys his enormous talent and shrewd understanding of the forces that are shaping our world to argue for stronger, more inclusive global institutions. Drawing from a wealth of personal experience on the frontlines of world affairs, Mark's book is authentic, compelling and immensely enjoyable. His message should resonate in national and international discourse for years to come.
    Kofi A. Annan, United Nations Secretary-General (1997-2006)

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