• Really made me think about how I think

    Mohsin Hamid, Guardian
  • The hottest thinker in the world

    Bryan Appleyard, The Sunday Times
  • A superhero of the mind

    Boyd Tonkin
  • Wall Street's principal dissident

    Malcolm Gladwell
  • A guru for every would-be Damien Hirst, George Soros and aspirant despot

    John Cornwell, Sunday Times
  • Nassim Taleb, in his exasperating but compelling book Antifragile, praises "things that gain from disorder" - people, policies and institutions designed to thrive on volatility, instead of shattering in the encounter with it

    Oliver Burkman, Guardian
  • More than just robust or flexible, it actively thrives on disruption

    Julian Baggini, Guardian
  • Modern life is akin to a chronic stress injury. And the way to combat it is to embrace randomness in all its forms. . . Taleb is the great seer of the modern age

  • Something antifragile actively thrives under the impact of the embrace randomness rather than trying to control it

    The Sunday Times
  • Enduring volatility is one thing; what about benefiting from it? That is what Taleb calls 'antifragility' and he thinks that it is the ultimate model to aspire to - for individuals, financial institutions, even nations. . . May well capture a quality that you have long aspired to without having quite known quite what it is. . . I saw the world afresh

    The Times

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