• Wall Street's principal dissident

    Malcolm Gladwell
  • This] is the lesson of Taleb . . . and also the lesson of our volatile times. There is more courage and heroism in defying the human impulse, in taking the purposeful and painful steps to prepare for the unimaginable

    Malcolm Gladwell
  • The hottest thinker in the world

    Bryan Appleyard
  • A guru for every would-be Damien Hirst, George Soros and aspirant despot

    John Cornwell, Sunday Times
  • A superhero of the mind

    Boyd Tonkin
  • The most prophetic voice of all . . . Taleb is a genuinely significant philosopher . . . someone who is able to change the way we view the structure of the world through the strength, originality and veracity of his ideas alone

  • Changed my view of how the world works

    Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate