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I joined on a graduate business management scheme in 2002. Time flies when you're having fun and in that time I've worked the length and breadth of sales and business development for most of the Penguin Random House divisions. I've managed sales into schools, toy shops, gift shops, supermarkets, high street retailers, online retailers, as well as managing global ebook and audio commercial strategy. I now lead the Transworld team to optimise sales and to champion our books in all formats and markets, as well as developing broader market and commercial strategy for the division. We publish new books every fortnight and there is nothing quite like the anticipation of seeing how our strategy has hit the market.

A book that's left a deep impression on me: The Power Of The Dog. A page-turning epic thriller set against the backdrop of the US/Mexican drug wars which leaves you gasping for air. Simultaneously brutal, beautiful and insightful, it is a masterpiece and a word of mouth bestseller. Better still it's the first of a trilogy.

A book I'd recommend to everyone: A Fine Balance. The vivid writing brings 1970s India under Indira Gandhi to life. The book centres around the human tragedies that stemmed from her State Of Emergency and are told with inimitable dry humour and cutting satire. It is a truly special book which will change your view of humanity and thus life.

The book I'm most proud of working on: Either Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals or Paula Hawkins's The Girl On The Train. In both instances I'm proud because I played a part in the amazing team that turned these books from bestsellers into publishing phenomenons.