Marie Forleo and Cash Carraway

Marie Forleo and Cash Carraway on how to be successful

In February 2020, Marie Forleo, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author of Everything is Figureoutable, and Cash Carraway, award-winning playwright, screenwriter and author of Skint Estate, visited a school in Oval to discuss success and failure. They discussed the barriers individuals face, such as circumstance and opportunity, while debating whether anyone can be successful.


Age: Key Stages 3 – 5

Subject: PSHE

Topic: Success and failure

The following activities give KS3-5 students the opportunity to explore and discuss the question “can anyone be successful?” in terms of: talent, opportunity, vision, circumstance, and failure. The following activities can be used as standalone activities, or used together with the starter and plenary to form a complete lesson (approx. 1 hour 30 mins in total).

Learning Objectives:

  1. Is there truth in the statement “talent is universal, opportunity is not”?

  2. How can we “live life out of vision, not circumstance”?

  3. How can we fail successfully?



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