Caitlin Moran, What About Men? – LIVE, 11 – 16 July 2023

Photo of Caitlin Moran, Caitlin stands side on, against a white back ground, looking to the camera with a surprised expression, wearing a camouflage jacket.

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Caitlin Moran is back on the road to discuss her new book – and this time, it’s all about the men!

For the last ten years, whenever Caitlin has been doing an event, or an interview – talking about women, and girls – at some point, someone will have asked, 'But, Caitlin – what about men?' And at first, like an idiot, she was like, 'Whevs. They’re fine. Dude, I’m all about Team Tits.' 

But now – after decades of rising male unhappiness, mental illness, loneliness, academic failure, and the online radicalisation of young men – plus modern men's trousers becoming so tight, they look like leggings – Caitlin has realised: yes. There is a problem here. No, this isn’t 'a feminist trick'. We’re genuinely really worried about you. After all, the cause of unhappy girls, wives and mothers is, all too often, unhappy boys and men. And there are some things that womankind has learned along the way – being gloriously honest about your fears and problems, making jokes about them, and then having a jolly good go at changing the world – that feels kind of useful right now. 2023 is when we really do need to ask the question, 'What about men?'

Come and join the start of a new, urgent, but also often amusing conversation – and bring your husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, nephews, boyfriends and best friends with you. Porn, violence, Star Wars, fatherhood, sex, banter, Andrew Tate, Jordan B Peterson’s lobsters, and what’s actually good about masculinity: we’ll discuss it all. 

We’re better together. 

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