Neil deGrasse Tyson: Letters From an Astrophysicist, 30th October 2019

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He is the world’s most beloved scientist – an inspiration for all who seek understanding, meaning and truth in the vastness of the cosmos. Now, in his first ever UK event, Neil deGrasse Tyson will bare his soul to ask: what is our place in the universe?

‘Don't fear change. Don't fear failure. The only thing to fear is loss of ambition. But if you've got plenty of that, then you have nothing to fear at all’ – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson has dedicated his life to exploring and explaining the mysteries of our universe. As Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City, the host of Cosmos and StarTalk, a  New York Times bestselling author and owner of one of the 200 ‘most followed’ Twitter accounts on the entire planet, he might just be the most influential scientist alive today.

He has enthralled audiences across the United States with his exhilarating live shows, revelling in the power of the universe to fill us with wonder. Now, for the first time ever, UK audiences have a chance to encounter this incredible scientist and communicator.

Every year, Professor Tyson receives thousands of letters – from students to prisoners, scientists to priests. Some seek advice, others yearn for inspiration; some are full of despair, others burst with wonder.

His replies are by turns wise, funny, and mind-blowing. In this illustrated talk, he’ll share his answers – exploring questions from God to the history of science, aliens to death. He’ll reveal his passions, his doubts, his hopes.

It’s a deeply personal journey through the biggest issues in existence. Don’t miss this exclusive chance to see why Neil deGrasse Tyson is “the most popular scientist in the world” (Sunday Times).

Each ticket to this event includes a copy of Neil’s new book, Letters from an Astrophysicist RRP £14.99.

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