Richard Dawkins in conversation with Matt Ridley, 6 May 2021

Richard Dawkins
A photo of Richard Dawkins in front of a natural, leafy background.

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Richard Dawkins – author of the multi-million international bestseller The God Delusion, and The Selfish Gene, voted The Royal Society's Most Inspiring Science Book of All Time – is one of the most brilliant science writers of our lifetime. For the first time, his new book Books Do Furnish A Life collects his commentaries on the best of contemporary science literature, including exclusive new material from other great thinkers.

Join Richard, in conversation with fellow science writer Matt Ridley, as he discusses the work and impact of some of the leading thinkers of our age – including Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Steven Pinker, Carl Sagan, Lawrence Krauss, Jacob Bronowski, and Lewis Wolpert – across topics such as celebrating nature, exploring our humanity, and interrogating faith.

Don’t miss your chance to hear more about the most exciting ideas of our time and this electrifying celebration of science writing direct from Richard himself. You will also get the chance to ask Richard your own questions during the event.

Richard Dawkins is author of The Selfish Gene, voted The Royal Society's Most Inspiring Science Book of All Time, and also the bestsellers The Blind Watchmaker, Climbing Mount Improbable, The Ancestor's Tale, The God Delusion, and two volumes of autobiography, An Appetite for Wonder and Brief Candle in the Dark. He is a Fellow of New College, Oxford and both the Royal Society and the Royal Society of Literature. In 2013, Dawkins was voted the world’s top thinker in Prospect magazine’s poll of 10,000 readers from over 100 countries.

Matt Ridley's books have sold over a million copies, been translated into 31 languages and won several awards. His books include The Red Queen, Genome, The Rational Optimist and The Evolution of Everything. His book on “How Innovation Works” was published in 2020. He joined the House of Lords in February 2013 and has served on the science and technology select committee and the artificial intelligence select committee. He was founding chairman of the International Centre for Life in Newcastle. He created the Mind and Matter column in the Wall Street Journal in 2010, and was a columnist for the Times 2013-2018. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and of the Academy of Medical Sciences, and a foreign honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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