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If you’re a young person living in the UK, chances are you are studying – or have studied – English Literature. In fact, almost every single young person in the UK studies English Literature until the age of 16. The books we read are important – they help us see and understand each other. 

Our new research has found that just 1% of students in England study a book by a writer of colour at GCSE, and just 7% study a book by a woman.

As a student you deserve an educational experience that fully reflects Britain’s past as well as the lives of its young people today. Through Lit in Colour we’re committed to championing the voices of young people campaigning for a more inclusive curriculum.

You can follow us on TikTok to find out more, or read more below to see how you can start making change in your school.

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The Lit in Colour Creative Student Prize

Lit in Colour’s Creative Student Prize prompts young people to explore their relationship with books and reading by asking the question: what place do books have in your world?

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