Hey You

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Hey You!

Hey You! is a lyrical and inspirational exploration of growing up Black, written by award-winning illustrator Dapo Adeola, and brought to life by Dapo and 18 incredible Black illustrators in one beautiful, powerful, and cohesive reading experience. 

The following Reading, Art and PSHE activities allow students in KS1 and KS2 to explore the book’s themes of dreaming your own dreams, loving your beautiful skin and knowing you always have a choice.

Reading resources

The following KS1 Reading resources include illustration inference, vocabulary and phrase checking activities, which explore the themes of love, self-worth, and diversity.

The following KS2 Reading resources include responding to Dapo’s letter on his hopes for the future, inferring and justifying the feelings of characters in Hey You!, and understanding and celebrating culture and heritage.

Art resources

The following KS1/2 Art resources include designing a wall of photo frames with pictures of loved ones, drawing yourself in your dream role, and reflecting on your positive characteristics and superpowers by designing your own superhero mask. 

PHSE resources

The following KS1/2 PSHE resources include learning about Black Lives Matter by designing a protest placard, creating a fact file on one of the ‘greats’, and celebrate the diversity in your class by creating a hands of diversity display.

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