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Greg Heffley has big ideas. He’s going to be rich and famous one day. But first, he’s got to survive middle school – tough when you’re a bit of a wimp.

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Games & Activities

Dr Noel doing one of his dance moves

Dancing without danger

Some of Docter Noel’s favourite danger-free dance moves.

Wimp wars

How well do you know Wimpy Kid? Test your skills!

Colour The Whoniverse

Grab your pens and pencils and get colouring

Play Roald Dahl’s House of Twits

Trick the Twits to score points and unlock lots of mini-games and secret levels

Cathy’s Chocolate Festival

Design and create the most delicious chocolates to share with all your friends!

Hetty Feather in Victorian times

Life as a Victorian

Imagine growing up in Victorian times – no smartphones, computers or TV! Would you survive?

Crack the Spook’s code

Find out how to read the secret symbols

Daisy’s secret message maker

Learn how to make your own invisible ink!