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Greg Heffley has big ideas. He’s going to be rich and famous one day. But first, he’s got to survive middle school – tough when you’re a bit of a wimp. Writing his thoughts down was his mom’s idea but don’t expect “Dear Diary” this and “Dear Diary” that. Besides, it’s not a diary anyway, it’s a JOURNAL.

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New: Wimpy Kid Book 11 Reveal

Watch author Jeff Kinney reveal details of the highly anticipated book 11 at Wimpy Kid Virtually Live. Learn how to draw Wimpy Kid, catch up on  unmissable behind-the-scenes gossip, and watch Jeff discuss the upcoming release of  Double Down.


Wimp wars

How well do you know Wimpy Kid? Test your skills!

Wimp Wizard

Are you a wimp or a moron? It’s time to find out

8-ball fall

Are you luckier than Greg Heffley? Dodge the falling 8-balls!

Candy Grams

Send a wimpy message to your secret crush!