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The Prince and the Quakeress

Jean Plaidy (Author)

Bringing history to life, Plaidy tells the story of a young, idealistic Prince of Wales...

The Prince of Wales develops a deep affection for a beautiful quakeress, Hannah Lightfoot, who catches his eye as he is riding through the streets. A first meeting is arranged, leading to several more, and eventually they discreetly marry in a secluded house where they live as man and wife. She is prepared to betray her beliefs for him, just as he is willing to defy the desires of various courtiers for her. Eventually, his mother’s lover Lord Bute uncovers the affair and Hannah mysteriously disappears.

The novel explores the lasting question, did the future George III contradict royal protocol and marry a commoner? Shortly after his affair with Hannah, he becomes King George III. After a potential engagement to Sarah Lennox falls through, he marries Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Indiscretions of the Queen

Jean Plaidy (Author)

The last book in this magnificent Georgian saga.

It was necessary for the Prince of Wales to marry, and his victim was the unconventional Caroline of Brunswick. Caroline, already plagued by scandals in her personal life, would rather have married a Major in her father's army but this was not to be. Arriving in England she finds her bridegroom's mistress waiting to undermine her position and to spy on her. The Prince is determined to hate her, and humiliates her at every possible occasion even after she has given him a daughter.

Meanwhile, her generous nature wins over the love of the people, leading her husband to resent her even more. Even her new family, with the exception of the half-mad king, offers her no support. Caroline becomes more independent and excessively extravagant as she tries to negotiate the traps laid out for her by a hostile court. Eventually she leaves, and much to the delight of social gossips continues to provide them with scandals and amusements long after the dust of her time at court has settled.

The Princess of Celle

Jean Plaidy (Author)

The first volume in Plaidy's Georgian saga.

True love never ran smoothly for the beautiful Sophia Dorothea, darling of Celle, who first lost her heart to Philip Königsmarck on her seventh birthday.

At sixteen, a pawn in seventeenth-century German politics, she was forced into marriage with George Lewis, Crown Prince of Hanover and the future George I of England, who cared only for women and war.

Clara von Platen, the uncrowned ruler of Hanover, jealous, ruthless and sexually insatiable, is spurned by Königsmarck when he re-appears in the life of Sophia Dorothea. In revenge, she plans his ruin-and that of the sad princess he so recklessly loves…

Caroline the Queen

Jean Plaidy (Author)

Plaidy has the abilty of making history accessible and a joy to read.

Caroline’s long wait is up. George I is dead, and her husband is King. They immediately make the unfortunate discovery that most of the jewels and inheritance have been leaked away to mistresses of the old King. Catherine, with the assistance of Prime Minister Walpole, slowly begins to repair the damage done to England by previous sovereigns.

She does her duty to the best of her ability, monitoring decisions made by her arrogant and insecure husband and stepping in where she feels it necessary. The book emphasises the importance of English Queens throughout history, as Caroline patiently dominates her husband and most of the court from behind the scenes. It is thanks to her that the House of Hanover survived, despite the unpopularity of its Kings.

Goddess of the Green Room

Jean Plaidy (Author)

The tenth book in the Georgian series is an entertaining work of historical fiction.

Like his brothers, William, Duke of Clarence, has had his share of romance and intrigue. And when he falls in love with Dorothy Jordan, the notorious Irish comic of the Drury Lane Theatre, gossipmongers are ecstatic, for William is not the only one with a shady past. Dorothy's notorious offstage life combined with William's less than decorous behaviour will make great copy for the scandal sheets, while their affair lasts.

But everyone is surprised when the casual dalliance develops into a twenty year marriage in all but name. William’s penchant for living beyond his means ensures that Dorothy can never leave the theatre as her income is a necessity for the couple. This becomes a contentious issue as she wants nothing more than to be a full time mother.

Eventually, William leaves the family and seeks to meet his obligations to the state. Meanwhile, Dorothy, abandoned by her lover and ignored by the many children she had fought so hard to raise, must live out the remainder of her days alone in France.

Queen in Waiting

Jean Plaidy (Author)

The story of Caroline of Ansbach, part of the fabulous Georgian series.

When Caroline of Ansbach arrives in England, King George is old and sour, his mistress ugly and his wife imprisoned at his own hand for over twenty years. She has grown up watching her mother Eleanor’s loveless and dangerous marriage, and is determined to avoid a similar situation. So she marries the Prince of Wales, George Augustus, and they are popular among the people, leading the King to resent them.

In what will become typical Hanoverian style, father and son loathe each other and exist in a state of constant competition for power. She quickly realizes that her husband is unintelligent and sees that she will be able to control him to some extent. Despite plenty of obstacles, including her father-in-law’s control of her children, she refuses to lose sight of her aims.

Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill

Jean Plaidy (Author)

Plaidy's fabulous Georgian series continues with the courtship of Maria Fitzherbert ...

The day the Prince of Wales set eyes on Maria Fitzherbert on the towpath at Richmond, she was twice widowed and eminently appealing. The Prince was in love. The more she resisted him, the more determined he became.

The courtship of Mrs Fitzherbert, set against the backgrounds of the Brighton Pavillion, the court at Windsor and Carlton House, was to bring betrayal, scandal and the downfall of one of the greatest politicians of the day.

It is a story full of the elegance and arrantry of the close of the eighteenth century, peopled with characters like the wily Charles James Fox, the coy Fanny Burney, and old George III, slowly descending into madness, while the balladmongers sang...

The Regent's Daughter

Jean Plaidy (Author)

Plaidy brings the Regent period alive in this fabulous Georgian series ...

The marriage of The Prince of Wales to Caroline of Brunswick was strewn with private skirmish and public scandal, yet it did bear a daughter - Princess Charlotte, heiress presumptive to the English throne. The Regent is still elegant, though moving swiftly into corpulent middle age as his wife Caroline remains determined to shock almost to the point of lunacy. Old George III rambles on into the mists of his madness and stern Queen Charlotte sits at the centre of her web of domestic spies.

Beneath them all sparkles Charlotte, much loved by her mother but kept distant by her father and grandmother. Ever bewildered by her bizarre collection of royal relatives, Charlotte grows up to be honest, forthright and always certain of her destiny, though an unfortunate twist of fate means it is never to occur.

The Third George

Jean Plaidy (Author)

The fifth book in the Georgian series.

George III was certain that the shadowy charm of Hannah, the vital beauty of Sarah, would cease to torment him once he was married to Charlotte. But Charlotte was unexciting, and he could not help his heart beating faster every time he saw a beautiful woman.

Surrounded by the great and the notorious, the King was beset by political anxieties, humiliated by the loss of the American colonies, and distressed at the scandals in the royal family.

The King’s sister was tried for treason and adultery, but the greatest scandal of all was created by his eldest son-the handsome, willful, pleasure-seeking Prince of Wales…

Victoria in the Wings

Jean Plaidy (Author)

With King George III under lock and key suffering from perceived insanity and the Prince Regent in ill health, all eyes are on the Regent’s pregnant daughter. Unfortunately, the unthinkable happens and both Charlotte and her baby die in childbirth, leaving the age old problem of succession. For though King George III has many children, all are middle-aged and none have legitimate heirs to secure the Hanoverian dynasty.

The death of Charlotte causes a sudden enthusiasm for marriage among the sons of George III, as they compete to have children and secure their line of succession. William marries Adelaide of Saxe-Coburg Meiningen while Edward marries Victoria Mary Louisa of Saxe-Saalfeld-Coburg. Another son, Ernest, is already married and he too hopes to be the one to provide necessary children. King George dies, to be replaced by an ailing George IV, and Edward and Victoria succeed in having a daughter, also named Victoria. She waits patiently to become Queen, avoiding the plots, intrigue and danger that threaten to prevent her reaching maturity.

Perdita's Prince

Jean Plaidy (Author)

One of the county's most widely read novelists brings us scandalous Prince Charming - George, Prince of Wales ...

George III, fighting madness and the loss of the American colonies, has a domestic crisis as well. The 17-year-old Prince of Wales, fighting the puritanical decorum of his parents' court, is about to begin his career of womanizing, gambling and consorting with the king's political enemies.

At the Drury Lane Theatre, the prince is enchanted by popular actress Mary Robinson in the role of Perdita in A Winter's Tale. Although she is older, married and a mother, the Prince sets her up as his mistress. Mary has had many adventures, and is not averse to the attentions of the young price despite much opposition from those around them.

Like most royal scandals however, the affair doesn’t last. George has no notion of fidelity and soon loses interest in her, but she won’t let him escape without a fight. The affair is used to advantage by the King's political opponents, while the Prince moves on to newer, more flamboyant dalliances, happily anticipating the unbridled indulgence his 21st birthday will permit.

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