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Glencoe and the Indians

James Hunter (Author)

In 1876, they wipe out General George A. Custer and his 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Chief Sitting Bull and his Sioux people then flee from the United States to Canada. There, in the autumn of 1877, the Sioux are joined by the remnants of the latest Indian nation to make a stand against the US Army, the Nez Perce. Their survivors are led by Chief White Bird.

A young man follows White Bird to Sitting Bull's camp. He is White Bird's close relative and aims to tell the story of the Nez Perce War from the Nez Perce point of view. This young man's name is Duncan McDonald. Descended from chiefs of the Nez Perce and from chiefs of Scotland's most formidable clan, Duncan's family - first as Highlanders, then as Native Americans - have twice been victims of massacre and dispossession.

Written with the help of Duncan McDonald's present-day kinsfolk on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montana, this real-life family saga spans two continents and more than thirty generations to link Scotland's clans with the native peoples of the American West.

White Cargo

Don Jordan (Author) , Michael Walsh (Author)

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 300,000 people or more became slaves there in all but name. Urchins were swept up from London's streets to labour in the tobacco fields, brothels were raided to provide 'breeders' for Virginia and hopeful migrants were duped into signing as indentured servants, unaware they would become chattels who could be bought, sold and gambled away.

Drawing on letters, diaries, and court and government archives, the authors demonstrate that the brutalities associated with black slavery alone were perpetrated on whites throughout British rule.

The trade ended with American independence but the British still tried to sell convicts in their former colonies, which prompted one of the most audacious plots in Anglo-American history.

This is a saga of exploitation and cruelty spanning 170 years that has been submerged under the overwhelming memory of black slavery. White Cargo brings the brutal, uncomfortable story to the surface.

Old Bones and Shallow Graves

T.J. English (Author)

Here is the shocking, true saga of the Irish-American mob, from the mid-nineteenth century all the way to the present day. History shows that the heritage of the Irish-American gangster was established in America long before that of the more widely portrayed Italian American Mafioso and has held strong through the modern age. In fact, the highest-ranking organised crime figure on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List - alongside Osama bin Laden - is an old-style Irish-American mob boss from South Boston.

In Old Bones and Shallow Graves, bestselling author and organised-crime expert T.J. English brings to life nearly two centuries of Irish-American gangsterism, which spawned such unforgettable characters as Mike 'King Mike' McDonald, Chicago's subterranean godfather; Big Bill Dwyer, New York's most notorious rumrunner during Prohibition; Mickey Featherstone, troubled Vietnam vet turned Westies gang leader from Hell's Kitchen; and James 'Whitey' Bulger, the ruthless and untouchable Southie legend.

This is an epic story of corrupt politics, wanton murders, gambling empires, notorious brothels, tough women and hard-drinking pugilists from the underbelly of America's most dangerous cities. Combining storytelling verve with thorough research and a slew of never-before-published material, English presents a riveting, seamless cultural history of the Irish-American underworld. He offers a brilliant portrait of a people who fought tooth and nail for a better life from the moment they arrived in America, whether it meant taking charge within the realms of law enforcement and politics or capitalising on what opportunities they could in the darker world beyond the law.

JFK: Say Goodbye to America

Matthew Smith (Author)

American distrust of government, polititians and authority in general can be traced back to the time of the official investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the suspicion generated by the publication of the Warren report, the government's official version of this infamous murder.In the last ten years there has been much research into the exact events surrounding Kennedy's murder and how it was so successfully covered up. JFK: Say Goodbye to America contextualises this debate, coming to a shocking conclusion. According to new information gathered and assessed by the author, JKF was murdered on orders emanating from the 'alternative' government - the - Establishment - which eased the concerns of 'big business' and which Kennedy was in the process of divesting of power in favour of promoting a government which put the people and their needs first. The President's new priorities won him few friends in the government and Mtthew Smith suggests that it was no coincidence that most of his policies were dismantled in the 18 months immediately following his death. Indeed, his policy to withdraw from the early situation in Vietnam was dramatically changed within hours. President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered an investigation into JFK's murder which soon emerged as biased, inaccurate and misleading, highlighting for many Americans the end of a golden era and a farewell to the country they knew.

Masterminds of Terror

Nick Fielding (Author) , Yosri Fouda (Author)

Based on the only interviews ever carried out with the two main conspirators of the 11th September attacks, MASTERMINDS OF TERROR is the incredible account of how Ramzi Binalshibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed plotted the assaults on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Capitol Hill in 2001. Using unique investigative material, the authors build a vivid picture of how the catastrophic acts of terrorism were devised over the course of two years and provide incredible material relating to the covert operations that preceded the disaster, the majority of which is previously unpublished. The book contains the full written justification for the attacks by Binalshibh, as well as the entire text of Fouda's interview with the terrorists, which was carried out in hiding as both men were being hunted down. Also included are interviews with close relatives of the hijackers, revelations of Mohammed's connections with the first attack on the Twin Towers in 1993, details of the role played by Binalshibh and Mohammed in the killing of WALL STREET JOURNAL reporter Daniel Pearl, how the two men built al-Qaeda's Far Eastern network, and an expose of the secret communications between Binalshibh and 11th September hijack leader Mohammed Atta. Ambitious and vast in scope, MASTERMINDS OF TERROR contains extensive original material on Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaede organisation and offers astonishing

JFK: The Second Plot

Matthew Smith (Author)

A tale of conspiracy and corruption-the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on 22 November 1963 remains one of the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century. At the centre of the puzzle stands the enigmatic figure of Lee Harvey Oswald, who was himself killed by Jack Ruby only days after Kennedy's death. Few people today believe the official explanation that Oswald was the sole assassin. Eye-witness accounts, film shot at the time and acoustic, medical and photographic evidence all point to a second gunman, aand a second gunman points to the most feared scenario: a conspiracy. But despite many theories-involving the Mafia, the Russian and the CIA-no one has yet come up with a convincing explanation of Oswald's precise role in the Presidents murder. After 30 years of research, Matthew Smith has uncovered the second plot-the plot in which Oswald's true role in the assassination is exposed-and the unmasking of a second plot leads naturally to the first. In this extraordinary and important book we learn for the first time who Oswald really was, who he was working for and what his true role was in the macabre enterprise. In JFK: The Second Plot the machinations behind Kennedy's assassination are exposed for all to see .

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