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Adelia Aguilar

by 4 books in this series
#1 - Mistress Of The Art Of Death
#1 - Mistress Of The Art Of Death
Winner of the CWA Best Historical Crime Novel of the Year

'Great fun! Franklin succeeds in vividly bringing the 12th century to life with this cracking good story' KATE MOSSE

Medieval England. A hideous murder. Enter the first female anatomist...

Adelia Aguilar is a rare thing in medieval Europe - a woman who has trained as a doctor. Her speciality is the study of corpses, a skill that must be concealed if she is to avoid accusations of witchcraft.

But in Cambridge a child has been murdered, others are disappearing, and King Henry has called upon a renowned Italian investigator to find the killer - fast.

What the king gets is Adelia, his very own Mistress of the Art of Death.

The investigation takes Adelia deep into Cambridge; its castle and convents, and streets teeming with life. And it is here that she attracts the attention of a murderer who is prepared to kill again...

'Exhilarating... I want to crown Ariana Franklin Queen of the Historical Mystery!' TESS GERRITSEN


Readers are gripped by Mistress of the Art of Death:

'Unputdownable . . . Her characters are beguiling' *****
'Utterly enthralling' *****
'JUST what I want from a historical detective novel . . . The storytelling is phenomenal' *****
#2 - The Death Maze
#2 - The Death Maze
'Wonderfully atmospheric, fast-paced and intelligent' GUARDIAN

Twelfth-century anatomist Adelia Aguilar must once again examine the dead as gruesome events are beginning to unfold...

Henry II's favourite mistress, Rosamund Clifford, has been poisoned - and, rumour says, by his jealous wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. If Henry believes the stories, England will be torn apart as King battles Queen.

In a race against time to prove Eleanor's innocence, and with a dangerous assassin on the loose, Adelia has never faced greater danger. The armies that might cause civil war lie behind her. The icy winds of a dreadful winter blow around her. And ahead she must brave the thorns of the impenetrable labyrinth that surrounds Fair Rosamund's tower, and decipher the mystery of the dead woman who lies frozen within.

'Highly entertaining . . . Franklin is an adept storyteller who disseminates her research into the period with clarity and lightness of touch' THE TIMES


Readers are gripped by The Death Maze:

'The pace of the narrative kept the candle burning in a page turning frenzy!' *****
'A brilliant, feisty female lead, highlighting the perils for women in medieval times.' *****
'The author conjures up the lives and customs of the middle ages . . . an utter joy to read.' *****
#3 - Relics of the Dead
#3 - Relics of the Dead
'An exhilarating whodunit and my favourite book of the year.' TESS GERRITSEN

1176- The monks of Glastonbury have discovered two skeletons buried in their graveyard - one is tall, like that of a warrior, the other small and delicate. Are these the remains of King Arthur and Guinevere?

On hearing of the discovery, King Henry II demands evidence that the legendary Arthur is dead - he needs to stop his belligerent Welsh subjects believing that their Once and Future King will return to lead them against him.

So, he calls upon his Mistress of the Art of Death, the anatomist Adelia Aguilar, to examine the bones. But someone doesn't want the skeletons identified - and is prepared to kill in order to prevent it...

'Franklin is one of the very best creators of medieval whodunits.' GUARDIAN


Readers are captivated by Relics of the Dead:

'Brilliantly executed and with edge-of-your-seat suspense' *****
'The history is skilfully woven into the racing story . . . Thoroughly enjoyable' *****
'The attention to detail is superb, and will certainly keep you enthralled and entertained' *****
#4 - The Assassin's Prayer
#4 - The Assassin's Prayer
'I'd like to crown Ariana Franklin Queen of the Historical Mystery!' TESS GERRITSEN

The King of England has called upon his Mistress of the Art of Death - anatomist and doctor Adelia Aguilar - to accompany 10-year-old Princess Joanna on her thousand-mile journey to marry the King of Sicily. They must take with them the legendary sword Excalibur.

And so Adelia sets sail with the golden princess and her lavish party of nobles, musicians, servants, laundresses, grooms, luggage and treasure. But when members of the procession begin to die and it looks as though Adelia is to blame, there are dangerous accusations of witchcraft.

Meanwhile one traveller, armed with a brilliant disguise and a personal vendetta, has been watching Adelia all too closely. This secret assassin wants her dead . . . but he wants her to suffer first.

'An excellent medieval mystery, full of colour and tension' CHOICE

Readers are enthralled by The Assassin's Prayer:

'Great characters and a gripping plot packed full of historical detail' *****
'Masterly . . . A mixture of history, mystery, a poignant romance and a gripping plot' *****
'A totally engrossing medieval tale' *****

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