Amsterdam Quartet with Inspector Jaap Rykel

by 3 books in this series
Before the Dawn
Before the Dawn
A body is found, the victim's head wrapped in cling film, hands tied behind her back. The small island's police force needs help from Amsterdam's Murder Squad's veteran Detective Inspector Jaap Rykel.

A suspect confesses, but the killer has no history of violence, no motive, and no connection to the victim.

Across the country, a similar murder is reported and Rykel wonders if these are random senseless acts, or something far darker...?

Rykel walks a thin line between spotting patterns no one wants to see, and a sinister, sprawling case which will consume everything in its path...
After the Silence
After the Silence
A body is found hanging on a hook above the canals of Amsterdam's old town, a mobile phone forced into the victim's mouth.

In a remote coastal village, a doll lies in the ashes of a burnt-down house. But the couple who died in the fire had no children of their own. Did a little girl escape the blaze? And, if so, who is she and where is she now?

Inspector Jaap Rykel knows that he's hunting a clever and brutal murderer. Still grieving from the violent death of his last partner, Rykel must work alongside a junior out-of-town detective with her own demons to face, if he has any hope of stopping the killer from striking again.

Their investigation reveals two dark truths: everybody in this city harbours secrets - and hearing those secrets comes at a terrible price ...

After the Silence introduces Inspector Jaap Rykel in a gripping debut police procedural from Jake Woodhouse, which is sure to appeal to fans of Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson and Stuart MacBride. This is the first novel in The Amsterdam Quartet series.
Into the Night
Into the Night
A body is found on a rooftop, the dead man's hands blowtorched, his head removed.

The man tasked with tracking down the killer is Amsterdam Inspector Jaap Rykel. But as he searches the headless body for clues Rykel finds something which makes his blood run cold - a picture of himself on the victim's phone
And then a message from the killer reveals the location of a second mutilated corpse. It's another day in Western Europe's murder capital . . .

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